Active Management & Multi-Strategy Investment

Fullgoal Fund filters all mutual fund products through four major investment philosophies that guide investment principles and risk appetite.

  •     Informed Decisions: drawing on the in-depth analysis of proprietary and independent research.

  •     Holistic Analysis and Development: taking a “bottom-up” approach when designing all products and solutions.

  •     Client First: respecting the individuality and different investment styles of each client.

  •     Long-term View: commitment to the pursuit of ensuring sustainable and consistent returns.

World Class Investment and Research Platforms

Fullgoal 3 Major Investment and Research Platforms

  • Fixed Income
    (Focus on Debenture Bond)

    Pay equal attention to both income and risk

    The scale of bond funds ranks among the top

  • Equity Investment
    (Bottom-Up Approach)

    Maintain a low fluctuation rate

    Outstanding long term performance

  • Quantitative Investment
    (Alpha Factor)

    Invest domestic market with global vision

    The scale of index funds ranks top 1

Fixed Income Investment

Fullgoal Fund brings deep expertise to fixed income investing in China. The company prides itself on its legacy as one of the first domestic fund companies that actively manages bond funds. Relying on a platform of proprietary credit analysis and global fixed income management expertise, Fullgoal Fund established its reputation as an innovator in China's investment management sector by launching the first domestic debenture bond fund, the first innovative close-end bond fund, the first credit bond structured fund, and the first floating rate bond fund domestically.

On average, each member of the fixed income investment team approximately eight years of working experience in the industry. Manager consistency also serves as a differentiating factor - the company's retention rate of the fund managers for the last five years has stayed among the top within the industry.

Equity Investment

Fullgoal Fund's equity investment platform is a unique proposition for China-based investors. The equity investment team style focuses primarily on growth stocks and adopts “bottom-up” selection approach. Fullgoal Fund also applies this philosophy when advising clients on  individual stock allocations as opposed to more diverse positions.

As opposed to the market average, Fullgoal Fund's portfolios have low turnover ratio. Furthermore, the return rate of the company's funds for the last three years has outperformed various industry benchmarks and other companies within the industry.

Quantitative Investment

Fullgoal's quantitative investment team has a diverse range of experience within the A share market. The team is strongly versed across all domestic markets and can provide clients with informed decisions and real-time as and when the market moves.

Ms. LI Xiaowei, team leader, has broad quantitative investment and research experience in Asia Pacific, Hong Kong, and domestic equity markets, with international managers such as Barclays Global Investors (BGI).  Her team manages the CSI 500 Index Fund which has gained excess earnings for two consecutive years and has become one of the top index funds available in China.

Stable Core Team with Rich Experience

TeamAverage Working Experience in Fullgoal (in Years)Average Working Experience
(in Years)
Senior Management1018
Equity Investment69
Fixed Income48
Quantitative Investment45
Offshore Equity Investment58

Star Products

By 31st December 2017, 12 funds from Fullgoal received 4-star and above MorningStar 3-year ratings, whereas 10 funds received 4-star and above MorningStar 5-year ratings, making Fullgoal one of the top fund companies that have various funds with such high ratings. (Data Source: 2018-03-31) 

3-Year MorningStar Rating

Fund nameMorningstar Rating
Fullgoal CSI Dividend Index Enhanced(3-Year)
Fullgoal CSI 500 Index Enhanced(LOF)(3-Year)
Fullgoal CSI 300 Index Enhanced(3-Year)
Fullgoal TianHe Moderate Hybrid(3-Year)
Fullgoal SSE ETF Feeder(3-Year)
Fullgoal SSE ETF(3-Year)
Fullgoal Optimized Enhanced Class A/B(3-Year)
Fullgoal Optimized Enhanced Class C(3-Year)
Fullgoal Convertible Bond(3-Year)
Fullgoal Debenture Bond Class A/B(3-Year)
Fullgoal Debenture Bond Class C(3-Year)
Fullgoal TianCheng Dividend Hybrid(3-Year)
Fullgoal TianHui Growth Hybrid(LOF)(3-Year)

5-Year MorningStar Rating

Fund nameMorningstar Rating
Fullgoal CSI Dividend Index Enhanced(3-Year)
Fullgoal SHCOMP Index ETF(3-Year)
Fullgoal SHCOMP Index ETF Feeder(3-Year)
Fullgoal CSI 300 Index Enhanced(3-Year)
Fullgoal TianHui Growth Hybrid LOF(3-Year)
Fullgoal TianHe Moderate Hybrid(3-Year)

Client Communication and Education


WeChat: Care, Convenience and Connectivity

Fullgoal Fund uses various touchpoints and channels to communicate and consult with our clients across China. The company launched its official WeChat account to communicate with both clients and the community on investment ideas, themes and commentary of the market. User friendly and convenient for tech savvy consumers, the Fullgoal Fund official WeChat subscription account is recognized as one of the top public accounts in fund industry by numerous respected sources.


Fullgoal Micro Classroom: Investment Made Easy

The Fullgoal Micro Classroom serves as an interactive educational platform for clients. The goal of the platform is to provide the most relevant and insightful online investment classroom in China by inviting the company's executives and experts from the wider industry to share investment views and provide real time investment strategies.


E-Commerce: Efficiency and Security

Fullgoal Fund recognizes the power of E-Commerce in the China consumer marketplace. The company's dedicated E-Commerce portal provides clients with an efficient, secure, fast, and convenient access to the investment accounts and services. The WeChat public account, APP, third party sales agencies, and other E-Commerce platforms are fully used in fund sales.

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